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Aliens Are Coming !

The Aliens are coming: What would it mean to our world, if there truly were aliens?  I think life would take on a whole new value, if we realized we are not alone. I have mentioned in other blogs this premises. I usually am prompted to write blogs on what is currently happening in the world or has been brought to my attention. I have never seen any spaceships or aliens. The thought of them excites
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The Need For Change:

The need to make change: We all need to make changes in the ever forward movement of life. Many people don’t like change but I am here to tell you, to embrace change. It is so necessary for true growth to constantly be changing. I want to help you to understand, if you do not embrace change or you refuse to change, the universe will bring forth change anyway. So why resist? When we are going at on
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Has This Year Been Going Fast For You?

  Has this year been going fast for you?   It is now the month of July and we are half way through the year. Has it been as quick and as exciting as it has been for me? Have you manifested miracles or you been clearing out the old struggles, that have keep you down for years? I know many of us have been working hard to make our lives better. Some of us cannot escape the hardships we have
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