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I love You

I Love You: It is very difficult for men to say I love you. How silly is that thought but it is a true fact. I however, have never followed the norm. I taught my son not to be afraid of his true feelings and to say I love you. I taught him love, is the deepest form of respect from you to have for another person. I taught him there is romantic love and there is also,true love that can be shared,tha
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Changing the World

Changing the World:    I have for a good part of my life had plenty of time. Time for the family, time for friends, time for work, time for fun, time for my music, time to exercise, time to volunteer. I ask myself, how could now be different? Why am I not ending my days till the wee hours of the next day? I am not doing much more than I have done before. I just seem to keep running out of tim
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Fear and Control

Fear and Control: Fear and control go hand in hand. When someone has a fear, be it apparent or sub-conscious it results in a need to or for control. A way to understand this is as with a phobia. An example is with a fear of spiders and a need never to see one. However, when we look more closely at life and people who control- we can see these people in every part of our lives. Men controlling ones
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