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Do You Live in the “Now” ?

    I am not a procrastinator, I  have for most of my life, looked to the future for have what I dream of; to have peace and contentment and to feel that I have arrived at a level of success, that would honor just how great I am. I am laughing because I am very humble and wish for a greatness. I am great just as I am but never feel it is enough. That actually was true till recently. I just never h
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The Life We All Want!

The Life We All Want: I believe we all have similar lives. We start at birth and we grow and then we pass on. That applies to every human life on earth. Some cultures believe we just shed our physical body and the soul travels on. In many ways that is what happens, in the beliefs of most religions. The variations of what happens next, is mostly where lines of culture and faith vary. Lets ask then
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