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15 Minutes To World Peace

15 minutes;

Taking just 15 minutes a day can change your life.


When you just sit and allow love to flow through you and to you, it changes your life and others. Many people do this in the form of prayer and prayer is wonderful and totally appropriate, as is meditation, or intention.

Did you know that it would take only 8,000 people to change the world of 7 billion?

8,000 people, resonating in divine love, in unison continuously- daily, would bring light and love and world peace back. Yes, no more war. Total world peace.

It takes people in every time zone, to keep the constant flow of love present.Can you be love, for 15 minutes each day to have a world with peace,and to end this world of negative chaos?

I always try to help our world. I love everyone on earth and I wish for God to be in every heart.

Angels bring messages to earth, yesterday the message of the healing and transformation of our planet to peace again was conveyed.

The message and source was to me, accurate. I  out of love want to help everyone. I offer a chance to make a difference in the world, with just 15 minutes a day of joining your heart in love for our world.

As we, the ground crew start the process, the unfolding of all hearts will happen. The vibrational energy of our oneness will grow and grow, until the balance changes to that of love.

In quantum physics, the change starts at the zero point.

Did God send a message to us from an angel?  I heard this message and I believe it true. (The angel did not speak directly to me, but I heard the message directly from the receiver, the source is grounded in true love, for all and in God) – (lastly, evil does not promote love.)

I support this effort and hope you pass it on, to as many people as you can. I am sure, that on every level of our human existence, this will make a difference collectively and individually.

The children of the world need this. Our children!

Please- as often as possible offer 15 minutes of prayer or meditation daily.  Ask for; world love, one untied love, world peace. Ask that; your love be part of the divine oneness, God’s willed happiness, cosmic oneness for a unified love, or just offer to give and receive love, from your heart to and from the world. Be Love Always Rev Jay

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